System Operations Engineer

We are looking to further enhance our team by adding a

System Operations Engineer

You will be based initially for 1 year at our client’s headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Extension of a further 3 years may be possible. In this large European Agency you will find an excellent and modern working environment with challenging tasks and responsibilities.

Your Tasks:

The Consultant shall provide service support to the RSO division, initially supporting the PRD department for the development of the operational needs in the MTG Programme. The activities will focus on ensuring that MTG operations preparation is brought to a suitable level for the transition of the programme into routine operations.

Main tasks will include:

  • Definition, performance, analysis and reporting of tests for the successful operational validation of MTG data processing for both MTG-I and MTG-S;
  • Definition and maintenance of system and ground segment operations procedures and operations guides;
  • Support to the MTG data processing procurement teams on defining the monitoring and control of data processing functionality, and with configuration control on the operational data to be managed and stored;
  • Coordination with other members of the MTG operations preparation integration team (OPIT), and the instrument functional chain team (IFCT) to ensure:
    • the optimisation of instrument data processing and its monitoring and control activities;
    • the optimisation of interfaces to and from the data processing functionality to other components of the MTG functional system.
  • Liaison with the operations system and data processing teams to ensure transfer of knowledge to and from the existing operational activities;
  • Interaction with operational and under development Multi Mission Elements (MME) (centralised monitoring, storage and infrastructure) with respect to the management of data processing equipment, software and data, and for the use of the Client’s generic monitoring and reporting tools;
  • Interactions with the Mission Operations Facility (MOF) and Ground Stations Facilities (GSTF), in particular for data flows and inter-operability;
  • Support to the definition of user interfaces and reporting to allow for efficient day to day operations by all levels of user against defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Mission performance analysis for both the data processing facilities and the centralised reporting capabilities;
  • Supporting the analysis, f testing and operation of ground segment AIV activities with respect to data processing;
  • Participation in technical meetings, formal reviews, and scheduling and planning meetings;
  • Identification of critical activities for system operations, including conflicts and risks in advance and in detail, to be shared for review and approval prior to the actual execution of any foreseen risk/conflict;
  • Provision of training, through written materials, practical demonstrations and presentations, to other members of the Operations, Operations Preparation and Engineering Teams.

In the performance of these tasks, the Consultant shall adhere to the Client’s configuration and change control procedures as well as the relevant system engineering standards, quality management procedures and maintenance procedures.


Your Profile:

In addition to having a university degree (or equivalent) in a relevant technical discipline, the key person shall have the following mandatory attributes:

  • At least three years work experience in the operation, operation preparation and configuration of end-to-end monitoring and reporting systems for complex satellite (Earth Observation) ground segments;
  • At least three years experience in the definition, development, integration and verification & validation of ground segment and mission data monitoring systems;
  • Experience in the operational definition of Earth Observation data processing, its configuration and its validation, as well as the off-line and on-line analysis of instrument data processing and the methods used for its analysis.

Recent experience of some of the following skills would be a distinct advantage:

  • Experience in high data rate, multi-channel, end to end science data processing systems;
  • Operational procedure and test plan development and validation for 2417 GEO satellite systems;
  • Experience in reading, testing and developing software routines and scripts particularly for Linux operating systems;
  • Familiarity with user interface development with respect to operation and instrument data processing;
  • Experience in development of XML, the automation of its development, and its use;
  • Experience in DOORS or similar requirement tracking tools;
  • Experience in the configuration management of complex operational systems.

The key person shall be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and disciplined manner.

He/She shall be able to work under pressure and without supervision and be capable of working proactively in an individual or team environment, with the minimum of supervision.

While the official languages are English and French, the working language for the position is English and therefore the Consultant must be able to work and communicate effectively in this language.


REFERENCE: 17-924863

LOCATION: Darmstadt, Germany

CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CLOSING DATE: 8th October 2017

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