Radio Occultation Analysis and Processing Service

We are looking to further enhance our team by adding a

Radio Occultation Analysis and Processing Service

You will be based initially for 1 years at our client’s headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Extension of a further 2 years may be possible. In this large European Agency you will find an excellent and modern working environment with challenging tasks and responsibilities.

Your Tasks:

Within the Radio Occultation (RO) Processing and Analysis Service, the employee will participate in

  • systematic statistical analyses and validation of various RO data sets during the development and application of our Client’s RO Science Processor in the context of RO reprocessing;
  • the development and refinement of the uncertainty characterisation of RO data;
  • the implementation and evolution of existing and future RO processing algorithms, in particular of wave optics approaches applied to tropospheric RO data.

The employee will further provide technical support for the implementation of newly developed and validated RO algorithms in our client’s operational processing chains and the actual reprocessing of multi-mission RO data.

The employee shall provide technical and scientific support for the activities described above. This support consists of tasks such as

  • performing statistical analyses of RO data sets in comparison to other RO as well as NWP data;
  • implementing, testing and documenting modifications to our Client’s existing RO Reference Processor;
  • supporting reprocessing activities of multi-year RO data sets both technically and scientifically;
  • performing validation activities for our Client’s reprocessed RO data sets;
  • contributing to and/or writing reports, presentations and peer-reviewed papers presenting the results of these activities.


Your Profile:

In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, the key person shall have experience in the processing and scientific analysis of remote sensing data, and ideally of RO data. In addition, the key person shall have the following mandatory experience and background:

  • Experience in RO and other remote sensing product validation methods;
  • Knowledge of RO wave optics processing and/or simulation algorithms;
  • Very good skills in a higher programming language, in particular Python using scientific (numpy, scipy) and plotting (matplotlib) packages;
  • Good inter-personal skills in support of team work.

The following areas of expertise would be an advantage:

  • Experience in the field of NWP or climate monitoring;
  • Experience in scientific programming using other programming languages such as C/C++ or modern Fortran;
  • Knowledge of R, SQL, and other Unix scripting languages;
  • Knowledge about other aspects of RO data processing, e.g. Precise Orbit Determination.

The key person shall be able to fulfil the assigned tasks with a minimum of supervision, have a systematic approach to work, be able to plan his/her work and to cope with tight schedules and multiple tasks. The work will be carried out in close collaboration with our Client’s RO team, and the key person shall efficiently communicate with its members in an open, transparent and regular manner.

The official languages are English and French. The working language for the position is English and therefore the key person must be able to work effectively in this language.


REFERENCE: 18-217175

LOCATION: Darmstadt, Germany

CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CLOSING DATE: 31st October 2018

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