A flexible and portable real-time data display system 

In today's dynamic business environment, timely and effective assessment and response to issues is critical to success. SATMON provides a cost effective way for your experts and managers to remotely view and analyze your real-time data and make immediate decisions, without waiting for them to reach the control room. SATMON's remote access also facilitates frequent routine evaluation by experts and managers when they might not otherwise do so, keeping your system running smoothly and effectively.

SATMON is a multi-purpose user interface that can be used as a front-end to various control systems. It is a highly versatile telemetry viewing tool which allows users, from controllers to engineers to managers, to observe real-time telemetry from the control room to the office to the home using the same graphical user interface.

Using standard Internet protocols to exchange data, SATMON enables users to be located anywhere around the world in relation to the control room. Users can access the data using a laptop wherever they are connected to the Internet, even over wireless LANs.

Operationally proven on several missions, it runs on the familiar Microsoft Windows operating system, enabling the use of less expensive hardware and shortening the learning curve.

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Displaying Data 


Technical Diagrams


  • Spacecraft monitoring
  • Ground equipment monitoring
  • Wall-projected displays
  • Remote monitoring via Internet
External support personnel such as manufacturers and remote scientists can be given access to SATMON telemetry to allow them to analyze data remotely and troubleshoot issues without a costly maintenance visit.

Managers and team leaders can use the SATMON tool to monitor systems over weekends and holidays.

SATMON's usefulness goes beyond space operations, and other possible applications include industrial process control, power plant monitoring and remote equipment central control centers.