SATMON Displaying Data

Display telemetered data from monitoring or control systems to the control room or anywhere around the world. 

Data can be displayed from any telemetry source that implements a standard interface. SATMON can also display data from multiple sources within the same display. Interfaces to several popular control systems already exist, and new ones can easily be developed.

Playback archived data. 

If the engineer would like to perform a playback or retrieve data from the archive, this is easily accomplished by using the same tool/interface in each of the work environments.

Configure display via the graphical interface and the changes instantly reflect on all users' stations. 
SATMON display pages can be optimally configured for a given subsystem and mission phase using a graphical display editor. Display properties (text, color etc) can be bound to telemetry parameter values or spreadsheet-like formulae. These definitions are stored in XML files that can be centrally maintained on a web server allowing new displays (including data source addresses) to be available to remote users instantly without any reconfiguration and ensuring a consistent display appearance. XML format enables import and third party design implementation.

 Choose from a variety of display types. 
Display pages can contain any combination of alphanumeric text fields, line-plots (zoomable), parameter time plots, scaleable synoptic drawings (SVG), and graphical orbital displays. 3-D imaging allows the user to control the camera viewing perspective and visually monitor the spacecraft's roll, pitch and yaw position.