SATMON Features and Specs


    • Support for multiple monitoring and control systems
    • Extensibility to support other data sources through standard data provider interface
    • TCP/IP networking for remote Internet use
    • Graphical drag and drop display editing
    • Multiple document user interface
    • Hyperlinks to easily navigate display pages
    • Additional parameter information in automatic pop-ups
    • Derived parameters

SATMON features allow customized display, multiple telemetry sources, and an easy to use interface.

  • Limit checking
  • Local data archiving and replay
  • Command input
  • 3-D Imaging
  • Mimics or Synoptics
  • Playback / data retrieval from archive
  • Display contents resized with window
  • Permanently visible header and footer
  • Display specifications stored in XML files
  • Runs on standard PC hardware
  • Microsoft Windows operating system


Hardware Platform

Standard PC

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP 
Linux with MonoMAC with Virtual Machine running Microsoft OS

Data Sources Implemented

Framtec (legacy GSOC system via IP multicast), SCOS-2000 (via CORBA), Epoch-2000 (via COM), Columbus DaSS, Flight Dynamics

Software Architecture

.NET Framework, .NET Remoting

Current Display Types

Alphanumeric, line-plots (zoomable), scaleable synoptics (SVG), orbit (several types), sequence of events

Display Page File Format


Display Sizes

No limit