Atmospheric Product Development (Cloud)


Activities will be primarily devoted to Cloud Level-2 products and parameters. Nevertheless, it may be needed to conduct nominally the same kind of activities for related products as for instance Level-1 products needed as input, side products generated during the cloud retrieval, or other additional atmospheric products that could be derived by the processor (when the core mission of the sensor is cloud). The usual life cycle for an operational product is first the scientific development and prototyping. When conclusive, the processor is improved to fulfil the various constraints of an operational environment, either through an evolution of the prototype or a redevelopment. The monitoring as well as evaluation of the performance is done in parallel. CDRs are usually created after many years of operational service. Other activities occur all along this life cycle. As a consequence, the centre of gravity in term of activity will strongly depend on the system, the sensor, as well as the processor.

Location: Darmstadt/Germany
Deadline to apply: 19th May 2021
How to apply:
Reference: DER/PLC/21/22


  • University degree in a relevant discipline.
  • Demonstrated skills in a higher programming language (e.g. C++, Fortran…).
  • Excellent interpersonal and team-working skills.
  • Communication skills, especially through scientific peer-review papers, international working groups and workshops.
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken.
  • Demonstrated skills in Java programming
  • Demonstrated knowledge of physics of optical remote sensing of atmosphere, especially for cloud and/or aerosol properties, including experience in the use of radiative transfer models.
  • Experience with the development of modular, clearly readable and adaptable scientific software is required, including the configuration control of the developed codes.
  • Experience on the visualisation of remote sensing data using specific tools or programming languages (Python, IDL…).
  • Experience in scientific analysis, especially on remote sensing of cloud or atmosphere from space, including the experience of prototyping algorithms or any related testing functions.
  • Knowledge of the most relevant imagery missions for atmospheric products, including their products, and applications.
  • Experience of operational satellite data processing systems.
  • Experience on the maintenance of processors in the context of operational missions.
  • Knowledge on instrument calibration and characterisation including long-term monitoring and validation of the performance.
  • Knowledge of the functioning, operation, and data processing of multi-viewing, multi-polarisation, multi-spectral imaging instruments, or any similar polarimetric mission.
  • Experience on the validation of cloud parameters derived from space-borned sensors through in-situ measurements and cross-comparisons
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