Recruitment of skilled and talented staff is key in the development of the company.

Several elements contribute to adequate staff motivation to enable a sustainable long term commitment:

Maintaining technical interest and career development:

The major way to motivate staff is to provide each staff with a work to perform corresponding to its technical interest and capability. But what is even more important is the need to offer career development perspectives either on the expertise side or the management one.

Working environment:

In addition to the technical interest of the job, the working environment highly contributes to motivation. In this respect, the Darmstadt environment is well known for providing high quality human relationships, in a European and multi-cultural environment, good working conditions, both at accommodation and technical infrastructure levels.

Regular and adequate training:

Maintaining and developing the skills of the CS GmbH staff is a key stake in maintaining the employability of our staffs together with their satisfaction. On a yearly basis needs and wills are assessed and a training plan is produced accordingly. In average our staffs receive 3 days of training per year.

Financial reward:

Attractive financial condition and support are provided to our staff. Actually, on top of comfortable employment salary, staff joining us from all over the world receive relocation package and installation support. At last, we do want all our teammates to be part of the company development and to benefit from it. They do then benefit on regular basis of bonuses and salary rises following company good results.
At last our recruitment is focused on talents sharing company values. Professionalism, dedication aiming at achieving a high quality work is the basis for mutual trust and success.

Do not hesitate then to apply to our job offer or to send us unsolicited applications.