System Engineer (Darmstadt/Germany)


Deadline to apply: 24th November 2020

How to apply:

The Instrument Functional Chain Team (IFCT) activities are fully embedded in the EPS-SG System Team and follow the same life cycle. An Instrument Functional Chain has been established for each instrument on-board of the Metop-SG platforms (mainly composed by Platform, Instruments, Operational Processors and Cal/Val facility). The main objective of IFCT activities is the management of end-to-end aspects of the Instrument Functional Chains to ensure that the level 1 and level 2 products generated by the EPS-SG System meet the user needs. To cover the end-to-end aspects of an Instrument Chains an interdisciplinary expertise is needed which can only be provided by a group of people with knowledge in different areas. The IFCT is responsible to follow up the development, verification and validation of the Instrument Functional Chains from phase B up to phase E1 that includes the System In-Orbit Validation (SIOV) and commissioning activities. Specifically the Phase D (from System CDR to Launch) involves several key activities leading up to the System Integration, Verification and Validation Review (SIVVR), which is itself an input to the Launch and Operations Readiness Review (LORR).


Mandatory skills :

  • University degree (or equivalent in experience) in a relevant discipline
  • Experience in the field of engineering of space and/or ground systems, in the area of Low-Earth Orbiting satellites including end-to-end data acquisition and processing
  • Experience in verifying instrument data processing systems
  • Experience in development of test data sets, test tools or instrument data processor prototypes
  • Experience in specification of operational products for earth observation missions
  • Experience in requirements-based design, development and verification process of polar satellite systems following the ECSS standards and using DOORS
  • Knowledge of relevant space-borne observation instruments (EPS-SG satellites will embark sounders and imagers from the ultraviolet to the microwave range, a scatterometer and a radio-occultation instrument)

Additional skills (considering as an added value) :

  • Proven experience in follow up preparation of algorithms processing specification and associated test data, including maintenance of the baseline
  • Knowledge of the EPS-SG Instruments, specification of Instrument Source Packets and algorithms to process them up to level 1
  • Knowledge of the EPS-SG Product content and specification
  • Knowledge of the EPS-SG processing algorithms and specification
  • Knowledge of the ESP-SG System and operational processors design
  • Familiarity with system change control and configuration management procedures
  • Data analysis software packages and programming/scripting skills in other coding languages such as Python / Java / Perl etc.
  • Familiarity with Model-Based Systems Engineering tools, specifically CORE 9 from Vitech
  • Strong data analysis, processing and synthesis skills are essential
  • Ability to recognise opportunities for improvements in areas of work and implement appropriate solutions is highly desirable
  • Ability to fulfil the assigned tasks with minimum supervision
  • Have a systematic approach to work
  • Ability to plan the work and cope with tight schedules and multiple tasks.
  • Capacity to write accurate and consistent technical documentation
  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)


The IFCT service team is supporting the System and Instrument Functional Chain Engineering Activities.

It will be involved in all the System implementation and V&V phases, including Launch and Commissioning (SIOV and Cal/Val) of the first pair of Metop-SG satellites. Support to others missions can also be requested during the provision of the service. The tasks could then be split into five categories:

  • [SYS-Data-Processing] tasks related to data processing skills
  • [SYS-Test-Data-Test Tool] tasks related to test data and test tool skills
  • [SYS-E2E-Perfo] tasks related to mission performance requirements, instrument requirements and compilation of end-to-end performance budget skills
  • [SYS-Cal-Val] tasks related to Instrument Cal and Product Validation skills
  • [SYS-Engineering] tasks related to System Engineering skills
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